Healthy Individuals and Coronary Artery Disease Patients Knowledge Regarding Diet and Exercise in Erbil City: A Comparative Study

Dlzar Omer Qadir Bootan Hasan Ahmed Muaf Abdulla Karim / Dara Abdulla Al-Banna


Aims of study: The study aims to assess the information needed of patients with coronary artery disease and healthy individuals in terms of diet and exercise method in Erbil city.      

Methods: A descriptive cross sectional design used to compare and assess knowledge of coronary artery disease patients to a healthy individual on diet and exercise pattern. Seventy-two participants answered questionnaires and took part in the present study; 36 coronary artery disease patients and 36 healthy individuals. The patients received advice from their doctors at their admission.

Results: The current survey illustrates that the highest percentage 19 (52.8%) of coronary artery disease patients had fair level of knowledge on diet. In contrast, 26 (72.2%) of healthy individuals had poor knowledge on diet. 22 (61.1%) of coronary artery disease patients had fair knowledge on exercise and 21 (58.3%) of healthy persons had fair knowledge on exercise. 26 (72.2%) of coronary artery disease patients had fair knowledge on both diet and exercise compared with a healthy individual who had fair knowledge on diet and exercise 18 (50%) without any instruction program.

Conclusion: As revealed in this study, a larger number of the patients with coronary artery disease had overall fair knowledge regarding diet and exercise than the healthy individuals, and this significant difference can be attributed to the fact that coronary artery disease patients are more careful about and pay more attention to their health and diet.

Recommendations: Education program needs to be introduced for coronary artery disease patients by the nurse in teaching hospitals on diet and performing structured, planned and repetitive exercise. Furthermore, healthy persons should be encouraged to participate in performing regular exercise pattern and importance of diet in preventing coronary artery disease.

Keywords: Coronary Artery Disease, Healthy person, Diet, Exercise.

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