Study the Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene Reinforced by Metal Woven Fibers

Muayad Abdulhasan Ali, Abbas Ali Diwan


Strength and Durability of fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRP) are controlled by the durability of their constituents: reinforcement fibers, resin matrices, and the status of interfaces. A great deal of research has been focused on the relationship of fibers with matrix, on the other hand, the diameter of the fiber and properties of fiber-matrix composites. The present investigation aims to study the effects of adding steel woven fibers to polymer (polyethylene) on some mechanical properties for resulting composite materials.


This research tries to study the using of metal woven fibers as a reinforcement Material with Matrix from polyethylene grades (LDPE,LLDPE) as a composite material that was prepared using an injection molding process  at 180- 200 Co and 60 rpm with different diameter (0.25- 1.0 mm).the results show that the tensile strength will slightly increase with percentage about (9%-18%) for the LLDPE and LDPE polymer composite respectively, and tensile modulus will significant increase about (80%- 190%) with woven metal fibers .The ductility is decrease with 68% for LDPE but it was 78% for LLDPE . The flexural strength will decrease with percentage about (36%-22%) for the LLDPE and LDPE polymer composite and impact strength with percentage about (78%-68%) and impact strength about (47%-40%)   for the LLDPE and LDPE polymer composite respectively


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