Manufacture a local device for water automatically distribution using surge furrow irrigation

Mudhafar Kareem Abdullah, Zeravan Ariff Abdullah


Application of surge irrigation has a great effect on Vertisol manipulation as the soil consumes huge amount of water during summer season. As there is no available mechanism to reduce the risk of water loss in the soil. Therefore, this study attempt to design a proto type model that can spray water very easily in the field using solar energy. The system was installed in the field to determine its ability for working during several months with high efficiency. It was noticed that the merino was able to give a high efficiency with coefficient of variation (CV) less than 10%, moreover the results demonstrated that the system can generate enough power to control swich on awls Wien off the machine and many the time  opened and closure time synchronizing. Finally, the new automatic surge irrigation system is economic and mobile. It could offer reasonable beneficial for the farmer in Iraqi Kurdistan region.     

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