Response of three corn (Zea maize L.) hybrids to Perfect herbicide

Mohammed Hussain Ali, bbas Alo Khether, Amar Salem Salam


A field experiment was carried out in the field of Agriculture College , University of  Duhok during the spring season 2016  to study the effect  of three doses of perfect herbicides(Nicosulfuron 75%WG) (30, 50 , 70 g la-) on weeds, yield and yield components of three hybrid maize (IK8xHs), (OH40x HS) and (Un44052 x IK8) by using split plot design, the perfect doses in main plot and hybrids in sub plot with three replications. The results revealed that the perfect doses were significant effect on number and dry weight  of broad leave weeds, plant height and ear and days to 75 % tasseling , No. of kernels row-1 and yield per plant and not significant for other traits ( leaf area , days to 75%, silking , No. row ear-1 and 300 kernel weight) while the maize hybrids were influenced significantly on all the traits except No. and dry weight of broad leave weeds, and day to 75% silking. For the interaction between perfect doses and maize hybrids, the results exhibited significant effect for all traits except No. and dry weight of broad leaves weed and No. rows ear-1. The hybrid ( OH40 x IK8) was superior among the hybrids in No. rows ear-1, No. kernels row-1, 300 kernel weight and total kernel yield and

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