New Design of Cylindrical Rectangular Microstrip Antenna (CRMA) By Using The Slots Technique

Nabeel A. Areebi, Zeki A. Ahmed, Mahmoud M. Aubais


A conformal antennas are plays an important role due to its multitasking possibilities , which have many opportunities in several applications. In this study, a new design of cylindrical rectangular microstrip antenna(CRMA ) excited at  mode, was achieved in order to operate at the frequency of 5.6GHz. The simulation was done by Finite Difference Time Domain(FDTD) method using MATLAB program. The input impedance, return loss and radiation pattern of antenna were calculated and plotted. By using the slots technique and dual-layers substrate technique , the bandwidth(BW) is increased to 88.88% . Also BW is  increased as the dielectric constant value is decreased.

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