Scattering of Electrons from (Curium, Europium and Ytterbium) Atoms at Energy range (10 - 10000) eV

A. K. Yasser, A. H. Hussain, F. A. Ali


This study covers the calculation of the differential cross sections (DCS’s), total cross sections(TCS’s), momentum transfer cross sections (MTCS’s) and spin polarization parameters S(Ɵ),T(Ɵ),U(Ɵ) for electron scattered by [Curium (Cm) ,Europium(Eu) and Ytterbium(Yb)] atoms. The aim of such calculations is to represent the interaction between electron and target atoms in the range (10- 10000) eV by using optical potential.

The theoretical method was conducted based on the combination of the static potential with the polarization potential at long distances and the correlation potential of Perdew - Zunger at short distances. Overall, the results show a close agreement when compared to the experimental and theoretical findings that reported by the others.


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