Determination and analysis of radio-nuclei in leukaemia blood samples using SAM940TM detector

Alaa Hayder K., Maytham A. Al-Shanawa, Hayder A. Al. Hmudi


Radiation pollution becomes a major problem threatening life on the earth that causes many of the serious diseases, through acute or chronic effects. The leukemia this considered to be the most serious and common disease due to the increase of radiation pollution levels. In this study, the province of Basrah was selected because this province contains many of the remnants of the wars due to the Gulf Wars (1991, 2003). The aim of this study is to investigate the possibility of any a relationship between the radioactivity level and leukemia incidence; there are a direct or indirect relationship between the cancer rate and the exposure to radiation. Therefore, the levels of different radionuclides in leukaemic patients. In order to achieve our goal 75 samples were study and many techniques are utilized, such as the SAM 940 TM (Gamma-ray Spectroscopy). In addition, to compare between the healthy and Leukaemic samples, the UV-Vis spectrometer has been used. The results showed that there is a big difference between the radionuclide’s concentrations of the healthy and patients samples. For example, the 238U concentration in several Leukaemic patients were (2.0958 Bq/Kg), whilst at healthy individuals were (0.408 Bq/Kg).

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