Radar cross section of conducting bodies of revolution coated by dielectric layer

Rua’a Raheem Helan


In this paper, the electromagnetic (EM) scattering from conducting bodies of revolution coated by dielectric layer was calculated by using moment of method with Galerkin's approach, and applying the equivalence principle to determine the electric and magnetic currents on the surface.

The mathematical analysis and the programs were checked to know the validity of the formulation by comparing our results with the published results. The computed results revealed the significant effect of the coated layer on the Radar cross section reduction with respect to the conducting body. Finally, this formulation was applied to study a proposed rocket which is more complex body than the previous shape, and calculate its radar cross section, and study of the effect of the dielectric constant and the thickness of the dielectric layer on the RCS.

DOI.: http://dx.doi.org/10.31257/2018/JKP/2019/110104

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