Calculation of Stopping Power for Protons, Carbon and Oxygen Ions in C2H4O, C3H3N Polymers

Zainab Hussein mutar, Rashid Owaid Kadhim


In this research, the electronic stopping power was calculated using Bethe and Bragg rule equations for the protons, carbon and oxygen ions in the polymers (C3H3N ,C2H4O) in the energy range of (0.01-1000) MeV. The equations were programmed using MATLAB 2016, the calculations were compared with the experimental data of the SRIM2013program and  PSTAR code. This comparison showed a good agreement with experimental data. As shown results that stopping power calculated according to Bethe equation in this polymers (C3H3N ,C2H4O) get the case a cut off in energies (0.01-8) MeV for carbon and oxygen ions.


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