Frontal Chest X-Ray Image Colorization Using Various Mathematical Experimental Equations

Kawther H. Al-khafaji, Layla Abd al Jaleel Al-Yasiri


Chest x-ray medical images are widely used for diagnostic purposes for several reasons including it available, attainable  and excellent imaging of hard tissues like bones, but there is difficulty in imaging of the soft tissues, moreover the saturated colour of the x-ray image causing intricacy to read it, therefore, turned attention to the colorization process  which can be used to transform the grayscale medical images to the colour medical images.

In this paper, a new pseudo-coloring method proposed for colorizing the frontal chest x-ray medical images which are very important for disease detection and recognition. The key idea of this method is applying different and various experimental mathematical equations on the proposed medical sample image, which it belongs to the patient with Hydatid cyst parasite disease in the lung. The counterfeit coloring had intense contribute in enhancing of the visual attractiveness of medical images, the output colored images have a better visual description, it has a possibility to describe hidden information better than a conventional monochromatic image, this is an excellent indicator of the algorithm's suitability for the purpose for which it was formulated.


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