Study the optical and structure properties of CdTe nanoparticles prepared by pulsing laser ablation in distilled water

Raad S. Alnaily, Murtadha L. Sheqnab


In this paper, an easy and effective method to preparation of cadmium telluride nanoparticles with high purity and concentrations have been presented. CdTe nanoparticles were synthesized by pulsed laser ablation in distilled water using Q-switched Nd-YAG laser at (100 mj, 1064 nm, 10ns, 6Hz) and with various laser pulses. The absorption spectra of the CdTe nanoparticles were measured using the UV-Vis spectrophotometer and found to be affected by the concentration of nanoparticles according to the number of applied laser pulses. Formation of the pure CdTe nanoparticles is confirmed using AFM image analysis whose showed that generated CdTe nanoparticles were a spherical shape whit average size in nanoscale. The structural and morphology properties of these nanoparticles were studied using  X-ray diffraction analysis and SEM micrograph. Finally, the energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX)was employed for the elemental analysis and chemical characterization of a prepared sample, it confirmed that prepared samples was high purity and presence of Cd and Te with high ratio.


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