Study the effect of cathode geometry on I-V characteristics of nitrogen dc glow discharge

Abdulhussain A. Khadayeir, Wessam M.Taher


In this paper, the I-V characteristic of a dc glow discharge are studied with the aim of determine the performance a good parametersfor stable operation of the plasma. Nitrogen plasma produced by dc glow discharge is the investigated with a manypurpose of studying plasma phenomena, the discharge system consists of two electrodes, the cathode forms various geometrical shapes and anode as a disc- shaped with diameter (8.8cm). The electrodes are enclosed in a large cylindrical glass chamber of pyrex filled with nitrogen gas. Two important physical parameters affecting the condition of the discharge are the gas pressure and constant inter-electrode distance. The discharge current-voltage (I-V) characteristic curves of the discharge were measured at variable pressure and the inter-electrode spacing, Current-voltage characteristics visualization of the discharge indicate that the discharge is take place in the normal glow region. The (I-V) characteristics of nitrogen gas discharge were deduced as a plasma system operated in normal glow discharge nitrogen, which is very important parameter in the sputtering and deposition. Also, the discharge current is increased for nitrogen plasma discharge with the increasing of the working pressure lead to increase the deposition rate.


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