Study of the effect of non-thermal plasma on the structural properties of pure Cadmium Oxide thin Films (CdO) prepared by Pulsed laser Deposition Technique ( PLD )

Abdul Ameer Hussein Ali, Hussain Ali Noor, Saleem Azara Hussain


In this research, the preparation of pure ( CdO ) films on a glass substrate were conducted using a pulsed laser deposition method (PLD) . The deposition of the films was done at different times ( 5 , 10 , 15, 20 ) minutes at room temperature. The effect of non-thermal plasma on these prepared films in two exposure times of (30, 60) minutes was studied. The results of X-ray diffraction (XRD) of the prepared pure ( CdO) films showed that the films have a polycrystalline structure of cubic phase with preferred orientation (111). It was noted that the increase of deposition time of (Nd : YAG) laser, reduces the intensity of diffraction peaks at        (111 ) , (200) , (220) . The results of (XRD) have also shown that when the prepared pure  ( CdO ) films are exposed to the non-thermal plasma, their crystalline structure was not affected. The tests also showed that the increase of the exposure time to non-thermal plasma causes a decrease in the intensity of the diffraction peaks. The (AFM) tests also demonstrated that the changing in ( RMS ) of the surface roughness is irregular and it was found that the ( RMS ) increases by increasing the deposition time.


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