Synthesized and Characterizing of ([email protected]) Ultra Fine Nanoparticles Prepared by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquids

Abbas H. Abo Nasria, S. M. Thahab, Saja H.


Gold(Au), Platium (Pt) and Gold –Coated Platinum  ([email protected]) ultra Fine(UF) nanoparticles (NPs) were preperd by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquids method with (Q-switched, 1064 doubled frequency-Nd: YAG).  The laser ablation of Au ,Pt  metal plates and ([email protected]) has been performed by immersing these metal plates in two different liquid  deionised water (DIW) and ethanol alcohol . (PLAL) process preformed with 100 pulse  energy of 700 mJ  and liquid depth is 2cm. The nanoparticles of the gold element were coated with platinum([email protected]) in two steps. The nanotubes of the gold element were first examined and the platinum metal was then immersed in the liquid from the first step.  The formation efficiency of PLAL process was quantified in term of the absorption  spectrum peaks.  The absorption  spectra ( Pt) in DIW shows  a sharp and single peak around  234nm,and ([email protected]) shows  a sharp and single peak for Au at 516nm and for Pt 221nm.The TEM images show that the nanoparticles are rather spherical in shape .While the average  size for all the samples was in rang from(2-5)nm .There was an increase in size when using ethanol alcohol. Changing the way of the fluid environment is a simple and flexible way to control the size and strength of Au and Pt   and ([email protected]) colloidal nanoparticles.


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