Effect of the Magnetic field and duration time on Thickness and Structure of Silver Thin films Deposition by Magnetron Sputtering

Abdulhussain A. Khadyair, Shimaa Rajh Taly


In this paper, the effect of magnetic field on thickness of silver (Ag) thin films were deposition on glass substrates by DC magnetron sputtering method of silver target were studied, with permanent and variable magnetic field. Ag thin films with (84,89,94,269,290) nm, thickness were prepared at different deposition times (10,30,60) sec. The crystalline structure of thin films was evaluated by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and the atomic force microscopy (AFM) were employed for surface morphological studies of the films. The results show that the thickness of the films increases with increases magnetic field to 250 Gauss, and when are greater than (250Gauss) the effect of magnetic field starts to decrease and be ineffective, and also the results indicate an increase of the grain size from (144.9 -276.7) nm and films surface roughness from (0.431-22.7) nm.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31257/2018/JKP/2019/110101

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