Study of The Breakup Channel Effect on The Semiclassical and Quantum Mechanical Calculations for The Light and Medium System

Fouad A. Majeed, Khalid H. H. AlAteah, Malik S. Mhaimeed


A semiclassical and full quantum mechanical approaches have been used to study the effect of channel coupling on the calculations of the total fusion reaction cross section   , the fusion barrier distribution    and the reaction probability   for the systems 11B+237Np, 15N+54Fe and 58Ni +54Fe. The semiclassical approach used in the present work based on the method of the Alder and Winther for Coulomb excitation. The full quantum mechanical approach was based on solving the time dependent Schrödinger equationincluding the coupling effect. A comparison of our semiclassical calculations and full quantum mechanical calculations with the corresponding experimental data shows good agreement, above and below the Coulomb barrier.

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