Study of the Structural and optical properties of Pure and Sn doped Polyaniline hydrochloride polymer (PANI) thin films prepared by Spin coating method

Saleem Azara Hussain, Ali Abdul-Hussein, Ali Abdul-Hussein


         In this study the structural and optical properties of pure and Sn doped films  polyanilinehydrochloride (PANI) doped by Tin (Sn) with volumetric percentages (3, 6, and 9)%, which prepared by using the spin coating method on substrates of the glass at room temperature. The structural properties of the prepared films were studied by x-ray diffraction technique. The results illustrate amorphous structure .The atomic force microscope (AFM) diagnosis has led the doping process to decrease in the roughness of the surface and the average rate of the square root with the variation in particle size distribution. The study of the optical properties by measuring then absorption and transmission spectra as a function of wavelength (320-910) nm to the pure and doped film of PANI, the results showed that the transmittance decreased with increasing doping due to the increase in the impurity resulted which makes attenuation in the intensity of incident light with a increasing of absorption. The results also showed that the polymer has an indirect allowed energy gap and   it decrease with increasing doping because of the doping levels (Sn) inside the optical energy gap.

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