Classification of Soils East of the Shatt al-Arab Area and Assess their Agricultural Purposes using Technologies for Remote Sensing 2 Indices

Mohammed A. Kadhim, Ali H . Dheyab, Hussain M. Hussain


This study was conducted to know the importance of some digital , indices in the study area in province of  Basrah  . Using Remote sensing Technique as Satellite image Land Sat 8 OLI, Contour line and Geographic Information system (GIS) to delineate the land form units in area, which was checked and completed through field observation to generate a preliminary soil mapping units. Ten profiles were taken to represent different mapping units. Results showed correlation that there were significant relationships between digital indices and spectral reflectivity, found the case of the variation in the values of the change in vegetation (NDVI) among soil profiles  study area ranging directory between 0.0844 - 0.1795 values and this represents a case of variation in vegetation , as the highest value of the NDVI in pedon 4 and reached 0.1795 fact that this pedon  located in rivers levees area of vegetation , and there is a variation between SI values in soil profiles  study area ranged from 0.227 - 0.415 is observed that the highest values were in pedon 3,6 and 8 and  by 0.405, 0.412 and 0.415,respectively, to the presence of light material color of the presence of surface crust of salt and the rule of calcium carbonate. The results showed the SAVI linear correlation is negative relationship highly significant between the soil and plant amounted to  0.99 , as evidence between 0.0773 - 0.1383 values ranged ,These represent a variation in vegetation , as she was the highest value of the SAVI in the pedon 4 and reached 0.1383. The rest of the digital indices was the influence is not clear in the study area .As can be seen from the results of digital indices there is a difference in values between each pedons and from which you can distinguish the spatial variability of soil surface properties. 

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