Syntheses and study the optical and electrical properties of Polyaniline- Oxalic thin film

Safa Nazar. R, Ghufran. M. Shabeeb


Polyanilne-Oxalic have been successfully synthesized by using aniline hydrochloride and ammonium per sulfate in ice path at(0-5)0C, and oxalic acids as dopents.

The structural and optical properties of (PAni) are investigated by using UV-VIS spectra photometer, the XRD analysis and FT-IR pattern confirmed the formation of (PAni) .

The UV-VISspectra  show  three  absorption peaks at (299),(362),(454) nm , the value of Eg is equal to 2.7   eV .The electrical properties are investigated.  The experiment results show that the D.C. electrical conductivity of PAni-ox. are (  8.2×10-2S/cm  ) at R.T.

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