Study of Electrical Conduction Mechanism of Polyblend Poly Urethane / Crystal Violet Dye (PU/CV)

Ali Q.Abdullah, Emad abdul reza arebi


The electrical conduction mechanism of polyurethane(PU) was doped with a crystal violet (CV) at  weight ratio of 1:3,Electrical measurements including (current-voltage) and (conductivity-temperature) characteristics at a temperature range of (311-393)K .The result shows that the sample has a semiconductor behavior as its conductivity increases with the increasing temperature and the value of dark conductivity at R.T estimated from Ohmic region was about 4x10-9 S/cm .The required energy to  move electrons from valence band to conduction band can be estimated to be about 0.92eV.The deviation from Ohmic law was been analyzed in terms of variable range hopping (VRH) conduction theories.

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