A Study on Radioactive Contamination from Gemstones Available in Local Markets

وصفى نجم عبد, زكي عبدالجبار منصور, نادية عبدالحميد, جنان حميد, عبدالكاظم أمين


In this work, a comprehensive and short term method has been employed to determine the radioactive contamination from Gemstones sources available in Iraqi local markets. The natural gamma ray spectrum analysis technique using HPGe Germanium detector with Genie 2000 program is used to measure the emitted gamma lines from the radioactive isotopes. The study has covered gamma radiation measurements for (11) selected samples of Gemstones commonly available in local markets with different sizes and colors and different sources. The measured results showed critical radiation levels for some samples while for other samples the radiation levels are less than the acceptable reported radiation levels of the used Gamma lines measurement system. The results presented in this paper may be useful in studying Gemstones Radioactive Effects on Human Health.

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