Study the effect of mixing the Zirconium oxide ZrO2 powder ratios

Hanaa Sh.Mahmood, Alaa Azeez Abas, Firas Kadhim Nsaif, Mohammed Hadi Mahdi, Nabras. Tahseen, Abdul Hameed


In this research  , the electrical , physical and structure properties of  Zirconium oxide ZrO2 have been studied  as basic  , Calcium and Yttrium oxides as dopped materials , By using hydraulic pressing we made the uniform disks of samples . these samples sintered at 800ºCand socking time 2hr.The XRD potteries of samples showed that the change of intensity of sample that, dopped with (0.15)wt Y2O3 .The dielectric constant of samples found the improvement in the value of sample (0.15)wt of Y2O3 doped.

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