Periodic changes in orbital elements of GLONASS satellite due to the solar radiation pressure

Ahmed Kader Izzet


This paper presents the effect of the sun's radiation pressure on the orbital elements of Russian GLONASS satellites eclipses of the satellite as it passes through the Earth's shadow will be taken into considerations when calculating the pressure effect of solar radiation. First solar radiation effects in the calculation the variation in orbital elements of GLONASS satellites at different values of argument of perigee. Second the effect of solar radiation pressure of the GLONASS satellites was obtained in different three orbital planes (i.e. three different values of right ascension of ascending nodes). The amplitude of oscillations in the semi major axis is large due to the solar pressure radiation and the variation depends on the location of the satellite in the plane (depends on arguments of perigee). The effect of solar radiation pressure on the GLONASS satellite shows that amplitudes of oscillations also depends on the direction of plane(right ascension of node).

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