Studying the Range of Incident Alpha Particles on Cu , Ge , Ag , Cd ,Te And Au, With Energy (4-15 MeV)

Rashid Owaid Kadhim, Wafaa Nsaif Jasim Abuirqeba


In this paper  theoretical calculation of  the range for  alpha particles with the energy range (4 – 15)MeV when  passing in some metallic media (Cu , Ge , Ag , Cd , Te and Au) . Semi empirical formula was used in addition to (SRIM-2012) program . The Semi empirical equation was programmed to calculate the range using Matlab Language .The results of the range in these media were compared with the results obtained from SRIM-2012 and )(2011)Andnet) results . There was good agreement among the semi empirical equation result , SRIM- 2012 results and with )(2011)Andnet)  results in the low energy .The results showed exponential relation between the range of alpha particles in these media and the velocity of the particles . By recourse with SRIM- 2012 results and application them in Matlab program and by using Curve Fitting Tool we extraction equation with its constants to calculate the range of alpha particles in any element of these six elements with the energy range    (4 – 15)MeV .The maximum deviation between the results from the semi empirical calculation and SRIM-2012 results was calculated the statistical test              ( kstest2)  in Matlab program 

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