Mathematical assessment of entrance surface dose(ESD) for patients

Hussien Abid Ali Bakir


Assessment of radiation absorbed dose by patient in medical X-rays examinations are of great values in the radiation protection field. Fluoroscopic procedures (particularly prolonged interventional procedures) may involve high patient radiation doses .ESD were calculated for patients who are examined by fluoroscopy apparatus (long term X-ray examination) that used to visualize the dynamic movement of different movable organs .Parameters that involved in this projects are X-ray tube voltage(KV peak),X-ray exposure factors(mA.s) and distance between X-ray tube and patients skin.35 cases were involved in this projects [15 male and 20 female].mathematical equation was used to assess the ESD .The results show that ESD ranged from 257.742 mGy to 1142.814mGy and of mean 571.2846mGy.

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