The development and studies the current – voltage (I-V) characteristics for the metal- oxide-semiconductor

Adel H.AL-Kiat, E. M.Abass, Y.N. Obaid, A.S. Al-Rowass


This paper contain the preparation of metal-oxide- semiconductor field- effect
transistor MOSFET by using the lightography technique. In this work we studied (IV)
characteristics and also some physical variables for transistor calculated.
The prepared transistor by using p- type silicon as a substrate has n-type channel
(nMOSFET) its length and width equal to L=50 μm ,Z = 1000μm . The results
showed that the output characteristics (ID-VD) and the trasfer charasteristics (ID-VG)
was in agreement with the theoretical behaviour of the transistor , and the transistor is
عادل حبيب عمران , أحسان محسه عباس , ياسيه وجم عبيد , أطياف صبحي الرواس
from the normally – on type nMOSFET depletion mode , with pinch – off voltage
equal to -4 volt .

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