Evaluation of the atomic properties for like-ions of He-atom using Hartree-Fock method for the Closed Shells in position space

Kassim AL-Khafiji, Entesser. Salman


In this research we studied some atomic properties of the like ions of the He-atom in the closed shells by using Hartree-Fock(HF)wave function,In this research we calculated(i)non-relativistic energy (Hartree-Fock energy ) for the( O6+ ,and F7+ and we found the correlation energy of the -44.73664 Hartree , O6+-ion -59.11233 Hartree and for the F7+-ion -75.486 Hartree) and we compared these results with some experimental results. we found large agreement .(ii)Nuclear Magnetic Shielding dia for N5+ =1.187X10-4,O6+ =1.365X10-4 and for F7+ = 1.542X10-4),and (iii) we examined the influence of the atomic number on some atomic properties where Z=7 for Z=8 for O6+-ion and Z=9 for F7+ .

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