Calculation The Cross Sections and Neutron Yield for 56Fe(p,n)56Co Reaction and Reverse Reaction

Khalid H. Mahd, shaemaa Akram Abbas


In this study intermediate elements 56Fe , 56Co for 56Fe(p,n)56Co reactions as well as proton energy from (6.8) MeV to (18) MeV with threshold energy (5.60569) MeV were implemented according to the available data of reaction cross sections. The more recent cross sections data of 56Fe(p,n)56Co reaction were reproduced in fine steps of (200) keV and by using (Matlab-7.6) program we got the equation from 8-degree for plotted. By using inverse reaction principle we got mathematical equation to calculate the cross section of 56Co(n,p)56Fe reaction. We deduced that the high probability to produce 56Fe by bombarding 56Co by neutron. These cross sections altogether with the stopping powers were calculated from the Zeigler formula and used to measure the n-yield for reaction.

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