Synthesis and study the optical properties of thin film CdCr2S4 on glass formed by chemical spray pyrolysis

Azhar A . Habieb


(CdCr2S4) thin film has grown on cleaned glass substrate at (673k) temperature using spray pyrolysis deposition technique of thickness (430nm) . UV-VIS. spectra of the film was studied by using the optical absorbance measurements which were taken in the spectral region from (300-1100)nm . Optical constants such as optical allowed and forbidden energy band gap of direct transition , absorption coefficient , extinction coefficient and refractive index were evaluated form these spectra. CdCr2S4 has high value of absorption coefficient (α > 104 cm-1) which conducive to increasing the probability of occurrence direct transitions .Optical allowed band energy for direct transition was (3.325eV) and the forbidden one was (2.61eV) .

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