Calculation the Cross Sections of 9B(n,α)6Li reaction by using the reciprocity theory for the first exited state

Khalid H. Mahdi, Ali K.Taki, Sameera A. Abraheem


In this study light elements 6Li , 9B for 9B(n,α)6Li reaction as well as α-particle energy from 6.84 MeV to 9.94 MeV are used according to the available data of reaction cross sections with threshold energy (3.9537MeV). The more recent cross sections data of 6Li(α,n)9B reaction is reproduced in fine steps (50keV) in the specified energy range , as well as cross section (α,n) values were derived from the published data of (n,α) as a function of energy in the same fine energy steps by using the principle inverse reaction . This calculation involves only the first exited state of 6Li , 9B in the reactions 6Li(α,n)9B and 9B(n,α)6Li .

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