Geological stations filed selected from Germany

Abdulzahra Moussa Obid


Several geologic stations were visited and recorded in Germany during 2006 , especially around the area of upper Rhein Graben.
Tectonically, in this area the Paleozoic Basement was affected by the Variscan Orogeny . Due to this compression many folds and reverse faults and thrust were recognized and measured . they have a direction NE-SW. this direction coincide with the direction of compression which was NW-SE.
During Permian and Mesozoic the concerned area was affected by tension stress field. Many large normal faults were cutting in the area and bounded the upper Rhein Graben .The Tertiary deposits were laid down in side the rift and the tectonic activities due to tension was continuous in the present days . these activities were proved by the presence of active seismicity and elevated geothermal heat.

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