Implicit in the development of parallel programming language using Visual Basic

Zainab fahad mhawes al-naseri


Several studies have been performed to investigate the benefits of parallel programming models, and compared the models with same language family. The parallel technique is applicable only when the programmer has a single computer with multiple processors to perform various tasks individually or the programmer number of different computers connected by a single network. Parallel programming model in computing is an idea of parallel computer architecture. This research introduced the concept of parallel programming models and languages. The present research mainly focused on the different parallel programming models proposed by previous researchers using distinct programming languages. Through analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of various programming models used for parallel computing, a new model is developed. Along with this, the concept of OOP (Object-oriented programming) in the context of parallel computing is also discussed. This research proposed a model named as Asynchronous Dynamic load Balancing (ADLB). ADLB model used MPI as avehicle for library implementation rather as an end-user programming system

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