Influence of climate changes (Winds, vapour pressure) on Sulaimaniyah Governorate, stricture and sustainable Agro ecosystem.

Akram Muhildin AbdulRahman ,Jawhar Hamalaw Khalid


Since the beginning of 1985, the importance of recording and documenting meteorological information, especially the subject of research)  wind speed, vapour pressure) has become very important Sulaimaniyah (north of Iraq) over 34 government-sponsored wind speed and vapour pressure as well as the other climate parameters like Rain, heat, Relative Humidity and Sun Shine gauge sites have operated on Sulaimaniyah.

 The few wind speed recorders show a high level of speed that never have been seen in these 34years, in January and February 2017 the wind speed get 8 and 9m.sec-1 but in months 4,5,6 ,9 lower speed recorded in Sulaimaniyah (0.1m.sec-1). However, as an average in the 1985 and 1992 we got the highest rate 3.1and 2.2m.sec-1 in the other hand in 1991 we record the lower rate 1m.sec-1 The average changes throw the 34years it 0.04 and.

The main target for this study is to estimate the available data, then use the accepted data to create a 34-year database

Changes in wind speed and in vapor pressure systems are likely to have a particularly strong impact on arid and semi-arid ecosystems and may reflect historical regime changes there for from the climatology data the vapour pressure increased clearly throw these years.    

Results from a decade of climate change data’s that winds and vapor pressure are seasonality, timing, variability, and magnitude are all involved and these may be altered in future climates.

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