Study the effect of lactation period on the Biochemical properties of breast milk during the first year of Breast-feeding

Murtada Abdulhasan Aldhalemi ,Riyadh Shamkhi Al-Mosawi


The aim of this study was to determine the extent of the effect of lactation on biochemical compounds in breast milk in Najaf governorate. Two hundred forty samples of breast milk were collected from healthy mothers aged 18-30 years. Milk samples were collected from (3-11) month of Breast-feeding. In Najaf city, 44 mothers were selected as volunteers to obtain fixed samples per month for analysis. moisture, ash, protein, lactose and fat were measured. The results indicate that there was an effect on the period of breast-feeding at the level of probability (p<0.05%) for fat, protein, lactose and moisture in breast milk. Lactose content increased but protein and fat decreased, while ash continued the same during the study period.

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