The effect of date fruit on puberty and sexual maturity in heifers

Hasan Hadi Hammod Alabbasi ,Saad Akram Hatif


This study was conducted on 15 cross breed heifers at age 5-month-old from the period of the 1st of February 2018 to 1st of December 2018. Total 15 heifers were divided randomly two groups, first one was the date treatment (T1) and the other was control treatment (T2), T1 was supplemented with basal ration in addition to the tow Kg of dates daily, while T2 was supplemented with chief ration only.  Body condition score, body weight, hormonal assay, bull display and field observation were used for puberty determination. While body weight, body condition score, progesterone estimation, rectal palpation and ultrasonography were used for pregnancy determination at 60 days. Ultrasonography was used to confirm pregnancy and certain maturity of heifers. There was used 3.5MHz for prop in rectal palpation with special gel for the prop in ultrasonographic examination. The aim of current study was to accelerate puberty and sexual maturity in heifers that was fed on dates. The results revealed that there was a significant effect (P ≤0.01) for the date treatment (T1) on control treatment (T2) in acceleration of puberty and sexual maturity. Heifers were reached puberty and maturity age at 7.8 and 9.8 month old for T1 and 11.4 and 16.2 month old for T2 respectively. The response of heifers for advance of puberty and sexual maturity is fast in 60% and moderate in 30% of heifers. Only 10% of heifers were not responded to date supplementation.                                                      

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