Scientific explanation The Koran between rejection and acceptance

Mohamad Abd al-hasan Al-garawy


God revealed the Koran to the people Hidayat miracle list gives an account of the phenomenon of a permanent thing remains in for too everything what is left of its assets and not out of Aban know, (... Mafrtnava book of thing ...) (1) Hence, each with a touch of it in the knowledge of science different eras in the definition of the people by its provisions and rule and strangest Some of interpretation, especially of trace cosmology and the nature of the verses of the Quran, note that the decision-N has during its assets and explained exactitude and pointed out some facts rare has expanded researchers in the introduction of the Koran Deal scientific theories potential by expanding Go wisdom that came for it to guide people and likeness even become some interpretations like books of Natural Sciences and is not an interpretation of the Koran.

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