Antioxidant role of Lactobacillus sp isolated from honey bee against histological effects of Ochratoxin in vivo.

Khadeeja A.Hmood, Anmar Hameed Habeeb, Khatam Ibrahem Al-Mhnna



 In this study One hundred honey bee worker were collected from two sites in AL-Diwanyia Governorate include Eastern Hamza and AL-Daghara city during April 2017. to detect antioxidant role of some bacteria isolated from honey bee gut workers against Ochratoxin.

   Based on biochemical tests, the results show that out of one hundred samples of honey bee workers were screened, only Seventy isolates were isolated ,and the genera  lactic acid bacteria ( Lactobacillus kunkeei   ,lactobacillus plantrum and lactococus lactis) were highly abundant in honey bee gut . we examined protective role of Lactobacillus kunkeei   in reduce histological effects of Ochratoxin A, the results showed treated animals with  L. kunkeei. mixed with OTA showing not found any histopathological changes in liver and kidney.while treated animals with OTA only appear several pathological changes ,in kidney tissue this changes include :vascular congestion , dystrophy and the disappearance of the glomerulus in  addition to cell necrosis  of glomerulus.and cell necrosis, vascular congestion and loss of normal structure of liver.     

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