Seroprevalence of Rhinovirus in Common Cold Patients in Relation with ICAM-1 Level in Tikrit City

Thekra A. Hamada, Israa Ali Arif


Human rhinoviruses is the major cause of cold illness, also this virus related with more severe illness like exacerbation of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and  the most causative agents of upper  respiratory tract complications. The study aims to evaluate the relation of ICAM-1 levels in HRV infection among common cold patients. Across sectional study was carried out in Salahaldin governorate from December, 2017 to March 2018. The number of patients were 70 patients who clinically infected with common cold and  were 17-66 years old that belonged different geographical area of Salahaldin governorate. The control group were 20 healthy individuals who matching the patients and apparently haven’t any diseases. Sera from patients and control  were obtained for estimation of  anti-HRV IgA and ICAM-1 by ALISA technique.   The study showed that 18.05% of patients enrolled in the study were positive to anti-rhinovirus IgA antibodies while no one of the control group have positive results, the relation was statistically significant. The study demonstrated that the highest mean of  ICAM-1 level was found in common cold patients who were positive to rhinovirus IgA by ELISA (786.91 pg/ml) comparing with patients with negative results and the control group with highly significant relation of ICAM-1 level with anti-rhinovirus IgA antibodies. No difference was found in rhinovirus infection in common cold patients regarding sex when 18.52 % of males and 18.6% of females were positive for anti-rhinovirus IgA antibodies. The study showed that there was no significant relation of rhinovirus infection and age of common cold patient enrolled in the study and the high rate of infections was occurred among the age group 37-46 years and the lowest rate (15%) was among the age group 17-26 years. It was concluded that there was a significant relation of ICAM-1 level with HRV infection in common cold patients



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