A study effect of Iron overload on Thyroid gland and other tissues in thalassemia patients in najaf city

Furqan Muein Auda, Dawood Salman, Afrodet A Saleh


This study highlights the effects of iron overload on endocrine glands (Thyroid gland), kidney functions and liver functions in thalassemia patients in Najaf province in Iraq.

One hundred patients suffering from thalassemia were
contributed in the current study. Their age range was 3-18 years old. Thirty
apparently healthy person  were nominated as "control group". Serum iron
, liver functions test (AST,ALT,ALP,TSB) and Kidney functions test (Uera& Creatinine) were measured spectrophotometrically while
Serum ferritin, was measured using ELISA, Thyroid hormones (T3 & T4) estimation by Using(I-Chroma instrument)

     The results indicated significant increase (p<0.05) in iron , ferritin and TSB in
patients in comparing with healthy control group while  liver functions test (AST,ALT,ALP ) and  Kidney functions test (Uera& Creatinin) were no       significant.

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