Epidemiology of hydatid disease in Najaf province / Iraq

Jasim H. Taher, Raeid W. Taies, Maha A. Anad, Murtadha K. Reyad, Ghafar A. Jasim, Aliaa S. Alawi


One hundred and twenty four patients infected with hydatid cyst were clinically and surgically proved . Follow up was done in Al-Sadder Medical City, Najaf / Iraq during January to December 2014 . The incidence of hydatidosis in female was higher than that in males . The youngest was 5 years and the oldest was more than 70 years old . The highest age distribution of hydatidosis patients was between 21 – 30 years . The percentage of liver hydatidosis was higher ( 40.32 % ) than other organs . Patients with large size(> 5 cm) cyst were more than those with small cyst (< 5 cm) .

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