A study eating and dietary habits among sample of paramedical students in Collage of Health and Medical Technologies /Baghdad

Ayyed Mohammed Namoos


Background      Healthy eating is one of the ways of disease prevention around the world . This study was designed to help researchers understand the eating and dietary habits of students in college of Health and Medical Technologies/ Baghdad.                                                                  The objective                                                                                                            

 To assess the eating and dietary habits and their associated factors in paramedical students. Methods                                                                                                                    

Cross sectional study included (201) of paramedical students from (7) departments in college .The study was contacted the period from September 2016 to March 2017, and involved (77) were male and (124) were female. A self –reported questionnaire was employed to assess eating and dietary habits among the simple random selection of students.                                           Results                                                                                                                         This study used percentage, Chi-square , Df and P-value to analysis data , results showed that the eating habits for female students which Anesthesia of department higher percentage (23.39%) than male students (23.38%) which medical laboratory of department and their higher percentage (19.90%) among departments while optical of department have low percentage (8.96%). Study also found that there is significant difference between (7) departments (p.v = 0.004) that influence in gender towards eating habits . In addition , this study showed that highly significant for smokers (p.v=0.0001) , education level of mothers were significantly low (p.v=0.050) , eating food groups have no significant difference among students.                                           Conclusion                                                                                                             Most of the paramedical students in this study had healthy eating lifestyle. Association factors were imperative limits of  eating lifestyle among students . 

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