Ancylostoma doudenale larva dermal and pulmonar infestation in patient farmers .

Maher Ali al-Quraishi


      During the period from November 2005 to July 2006, 412 stool samples were examined from villagers whom engaged in the cultivation of lettuce crop. They were visitors to the dermatology and chest departments in Hilla hospital complaining of dermatitis, and 39 sputum samples also collected from the same model of lettuce farmers.

      The total percentage of infection among the total farmers harvesting lettuce is 63.23%, 55.90% is the overall percentage of those suffering from skin manifestation due to the A.duodenale parasitic infection. While the total percentage of other infected farmers  infected are not engaged in the same plant is 8.44%, 7.69% of them suffer from skin manifestation of the disease. The total percentage of patients without dermatitis was 5.55%.  Sputum tests showed that the parasite larvae mentioned still infest a lot, especially rural people with overall incidence about 17.94% with A.duodenale and chest problems  It considered as the main cause of the dermatitis and chest infections to those visiting these centers  with misleading diagnosis.

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