Room Temperature Grown ZnO Nano Rods Produced by PDC Technique for Drug Industry

Sabah Mohammed Mlkat al Mutoki, Baydaa i Abdul-Hassan Khalaf Al-Ghzaw, Ahmed Ghanim Wadday


In this research we succeed to produce ZnO nano rods which suitable to use for drug industry especially in the field of dermolotical drugs at room temperature by polymer derived ceramic technique (PDC). X-ray diffraction (XRD), and scanning electronic microscope (SEM) were used to detect the critical concentration of zinc sulfate hydro acetate alkoxide used to precipitate ZnO nano rods at room temperature, and they were also used to detect morphology of the produced ZnO nano rods, particle size was also detected by particle size analyzer. We found that when concentration of the precursor increased from (93%) to (97%) particle size of nano ZnO decreased from (80 nm) to (42 nm). 

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