Detection of some virulence genes Stx1 , Stx2 , eaeA and hlyA in Escherichia coli isolated from Euphrates river water

Rahem nad Khuder Al-Zaid, Abeer Mohameed ali Al-garawyi


A total of  45 samples were collected from the sewage estuary in the Euphrates river all samples were surveyed and examined for the presence of the Escherichia coli and differentiate from other non-Sorbitol fermenting bacteria , 33 (73.3%) out of 45 sewage samples isolates were non sorbitol fermenting, 19/33(57.6%) lactose fermenting bacteria , 10 isolates belonging to E. coli were confirmed by using API-20E kit and tests for  Cellobiose fermentation, growth in the presence of potassium cyanide, production of β-Glucuronidase and production of  enterohemolysin test. Multiplex PCR technique was used for the detection of virulens genes such as Stx1,Stx2, hlyA and eaeA genes. The results shown that 5/10(50%) of  isolates were contained virulence genes ; stx1, stx2, eaeA and hlyA , 2(20%) isolates were contained  stx2, eaeA and hlyA genes , 2(20%) isolates contained stx1 and hlyA genes while 1(10%) isolate revealed the presence of only stx2 gene only .  

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