Patho-genetics study of VincamineVincristine combinations effects on reproductive organs after Treatment of canine transmissible venereal tumor.

Amer Mrahm Abd AL-Amery, Muna Sachit Hashim, Taghreedi Jabbar Humada, Surra Aayed Radam


The present study was designed about different treated CTVTs cases at a period  2010 – 2014 in Veterinary Hospitals in  Baghdad City   in order to identify the patho genetics effects of Vincamine and Vincristine on reproductive organs after treatment of Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumors , fifty tissues samples  taken from healing  animals after treatment with vincamine and vincristine collected  by Nonoscopic-surgical technique .The results of genetics technique applied on testicular with epididymis section, showed that Green signals, indicating the damage on Y and X chromosome, Red signal indicate intact gen in control tissues samples. Parasitological examination showed detection of more than two type of parasite.  Pathological findings showed no sperm within testicular epididymal sections (Azoospermia) loss of ovulation due to fibrosis of ovarian stroma with degenerative changes on uterus and evidence of early embryonic death. Untreated (infected) animals have multiple tumor masses externally near genitalia and mouth.   

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