Effects of Allium porrum Species Leaf Extract on some biochemical blood parameters At Albino Rats .

Shurooq Wesam obaid Al-Shaibani


  Some of vegetables like as Allium porrum , it is a plants that are contain  flavonoids ( natural antioxidants ). Quercetin , part a subclass of flavonoids called flavonols , Quercetin is believed to protect against several degenerative diseases such as Atherosclerosis , Cancer , Heart disease and Diabetes( type ɪɪ) by preventing lipid per oxidation on this background , the effect of aqueous leaf extract of the plant on the lipid profile of physiologically normal rats was examined . Graded doses of the extract , 0, 400, 800 mg / kg of body weight were orally administered to rats for a period of 20 days.

The effect of the extract at 400 and 800 mg / kg (b. wt) caused a significant decrease (p≤0.05) in the blood glucose levels ,Triglyceride (TG) , High-density lipoproteins HDL , Low-density lipoproteins LDL in treated rats when compared to the control group . Though , the level of GOT and GTP was not significantly different from the control ( p≤0.05) . The results obtained in this study suggest that Allium porrum aqueous leaf extract likely contains antilipidaemic and anti cholestrolaemic substances.

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