Microbial Study with Biofilms Formation on Contact Lenses among Students and some Staff of Health and Medical Technical College/Baghdad

Rana Samir Naser


Background: Biofilms can be defined as communities of microorganisms attached to the surface to protect themselves from the environmental effects and cause infections. A study on microbial contamination associated with contact lenses some of them were asymptomatic and others were complaining of redness, tearing and itching.


 1-Isolation and identification of microbial infection associated with contact lens wearers during examination of the storage case solution

2-Studying of different factors that have effect on microbial infections among contact lenses wearers such as (age, wearing type, symptoms)

3-Performance of biofilm assay on the new contact lenses, Microtitre plate (MTP) and comparison with used contact lenses and the ability of biofilm formation among different isolates from storage case solution.

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