Construction a Laser System for Study and Diagnosis the Blood Cancer Parameters

Naseer Mahdi Hadi, Ghaidaa Hamza Khudair, Majida Mahmood Atiyah, Thikra Rida Hussein


Laser optoacoustic spectroscopy is an important and accurate way for cancer cells diagnosis in its early beginnings. Blood absorption spectrum for the electromagnetic spectrum in the range (200-1100) nm is very important to determine the absorption lines and peaks which will be used to determine the laser kind and their specification needed for the experiment. Green laser (532 nm) with pulse width 6 nsec have been used for blood optoacoustic diagnosis, the results shows a highly absorption for this wavelength and also higly response from the blood cells. This will be the start for our future work to determine the blood cells whether it’s cancerized or not, which will be determine from their absorption and optoacoustic pulse.

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