Evaluation of ceruloplasm in a sample of Iraqi Reactive arthritis patients

Dunya Fareed Salloom, Suher Ali Kadhem, Saja Najem Alwan


Ceruloplasmin is one of serum ferroxidase proteins that amenable of multicopper oxidase family, plays an essential role in the transport or metabolism of this metal and it exhibits a copper- dependent oxidase activity. The current study aimed to evaluate the ceruloplasmin concentration, C-reactive protein and rheumatoid factor tests in reactive arthritis patients comparing with healthy control. The present result appeared a significant difference (P<0.05) of ceruloplasmin and C-reactive protein between studied groups, and there is no significant difference between the studied group for RF test. We can suggest that a ceruolplasmin play a critical role in in pathogenesis of reactive arthritis.

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