Nurses Knowledge of Toxoplasmosis in Al-Najaf province/ Iraq

Zainab A. Hussein


Objective: To assess the knowledge about Toxoplasmosis among nurses that work in AL _Zahra Teaching Hospital and AL-Seder Teaching Hospital in Al-Najaf -Iraq . Methods: This study was carried out from 20 December 2015 to 20 April 2016. A questionnaire was administered to a purposed sample of 100 nurses who working in (wards unit , emergency unit , normal delivery unit , caesarean section ) . The questionnaire was self-completed and included many questions on diagnosis, clinical, and prevention of toxoplasmosis.

Results: The higher percentages (62%) of nurses were with age ranging from 20-29 years and  ,(72%) are female , (96%) are urban resident , (38%) are institute  graduated ,and (54%) were working in hospital wards. That (96%) of  nurses having good knowledge  and (4%) were with poor knowledge. The results appear that there was a no- significant relationship between nurses knowledge regarding toxoplasmosis and their demographic data at P-value more than 0.05.

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